We are offering exciting opportunities for members of the football community to become apart of our journey. There are shares available for investment into the Technical Football Centre, as well as great business partnerships on offer for brand and advertising associates.



Technical Football Centre (TFC) have opened our first centre in Bournemouth and are now offering you a chance to become involved with owning shares with us. Shareholders will have first renewal on the purchase of shares in other centres when opened around the country. Each centre will be independent based on location but share the same TFC branding, rules & regulations and social media, presenting themselves as one group, the TFC Group.


All centres will feature the Elite Skills Arena (ESA) equipment which is in use now at TFC Bournemouth. We have forecasted that there will be over 20 centres opening across the UK in the next 5 years. Becoming involved with the TFC would present people in and around football a good chance of staying within the game.




At present we have one centre, TFC Bournemouth. There are a total of 500 shares in TFC Bournemouth and 250 of them are now available for purchasing, at £1,200 per share. A minimum of 5 shares are needed to become involved and you can buy up to a maximum of 50. All shares sold on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to know any more information about how you can become involved with the Technical Football Centre, then please enquire below.

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